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About VerteX Design Studio

In the dynamic realm of architectural innovation, one name stands out as a beacon of creativity and mastery—Pooya Goudarzi, the visionary mind behind VerteX Design Studio. Founded in 2010, this cutting-edge design haven is the brainchild of Pooya's relentless passion and relentless pursuit of architectural excellence.

The Visionary Behind the Design: Pooya Goudarzi

A luminary in the field, Pooya Goudarzi is not just an architect; he's a storyteller who breathes life into spaces. Armed with a master's degree in architecture from Azad University of Tehran, Pooya's journey has been shaped by his tenure as a key member of prestigious firms such as Metaforms in West Hollywood and Langdon Wilson International in downtown Los Angeles. As the senior designer, he has orchestrated the symphony of more than 100 diverse projects, leaving an indelible mark on iconic structures like the Anaheim Convention Center Expansion and the Khandama Competition in Saudi Arabia.

A Legacy of Innovation: Growing from Rich Soil

Pooya's roots in architecture run deep, inherited from a family of esteemed architects, including his older brother and his late father. This familial backdrop provided the fertile ground for Pooya to cultivate his inner passions, resulting in a unique design philosophy that seamlessly blends tradition with modernity.

The Concrete Alchemist: Where Art Meets Architecture

In recent years, Pooya has emerged as a maestro in the realm of concrete. His profound love for this versatile medium has sparked a revolution in the industry. VerteX Design Studio is not just an architectural powerhouse—it's a marriage of architectural design and the alchemy of concrete making. Pooya's genius has birthed a stunning array of products, from tables, stools, and countertops to tabletops, lights, and other avant-garde accessories.

Certified Excellence: Pooya Goudarzi's Accolades

Pooya's trailblazing journey is punctuated by certifications and qualifications that underscore his commitment to excellence. As an International Associate AIA, Leed AP, and a California-licensed realtor, he brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to every project, setting new standards in the industry.

VerteX Design Studio isn't just a design firm; it's a narrative unfolding in concrete, a testament to Pooya Goudarzi's unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of architectural possibility. Join us on a journey where each design tells a story, and every space is a canvas waiting to be transformed into a masterpiece. Welcome to VerteX—where innovation has a new address.