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Concrete Design and Fabrication Workshop - In-Person - March 24-26 2023

  • by Pooya Goudarzi

2.5 days Course description

This class is intended to familiarize students with working with UHPC.
Students will learn about the basics of the concrete, our material, mold making, design basics, and sealing. The class will include Presentations and Discussions about the Basics of Concrete, its history and chemistry, what it is like to design with, and mold making materials and options. Class will also include Hands on work with the mold material and concrete material, as well as give the students a chance to customize their own small piece. Students also get the chance to customize their own item and take it home with them. All are also welcome to apply to work in the workshop they are learning in!
Concrete Design and Fabrication
Day 1 From 9-12:30 1:30 to 5 March 17, 2023
● Intro explanation of concrete, molds, and design
○ Presentation about the basics
○ Q & A
● Design mold with team
○ More detail about how the mold needs to be designed and prepping 1 mold for tomorrow
○ Pour one mold with help from class (pass around cup of silicone mixture for
everyone to try mixing)

Day 2 From 9-12:30 1:30 to 5 March 18, 2023
● Prep mold
○ Demold new mold, pass out identical molds for everyone to fill and customize
with concrete letters and fill in s

● Mix and dye concrete
○ Each person gets a chance to mix a small batch of concrete with whatever color
they want
● Pour into mold
○ Everyone gets to use their own small mold

Day 3 From 9-12:30 March 19, 2023
● Demold pieces
○ Sand and clean up, each, & prep for sealing
● Seal
○ Discuss sealing process as well as review everything else covered in the class in
the time it takes to seal
Concrete Design and Fabrication Workshop
Course Outcomes
You will learn how to make a variety of cast objects in concrete, achieving an
understanding of the material possibilities subverting expectations. Job opportunity
Who should take this course?
Artists, designers, architects and anyone who wants to experiment with these materials.
Level: Beginners.
Entry requirements: Students need no prior experience.
Price: $1,800
Topics covered
● Presentation of the context of concrete in art, architecture and design
● Learning basics of concrete mixing, ratios, cement and aggregates
● Making basic molds for casting one concrete furniture or sink. - including demos on
creating pots, tiles and models. Experimental approach is encouraged and you can
develop work throughout the course
● Liquid rubber molding - where to use liquid for detailed cast objects
● Pigment additions
● Discussions of sustainability and impact of concrete on the environment, plus ideas
around a climate conscious artistic practice, rammed earth, hemp-crete, and natural
Concrete Design and Fabrication Workshop!
Learn how to Design Objects and Cast them in Concrete!
For Artists, Designers, Architects, and ANYONE who is interested!
Class will Include:
● Presentations about Concrete, it’s basics, and its context in art, architecture, and
● Learning about mold making basics, and how to adapt them for concrete
● Demos of creating pots, tiles, and models
● Hands on mold making and concrete pouring
● Customizing your concrete with pigments and more
● Chance to customize your own small object
● Sealing basics
● Discussions of sustainability and the environmental impact of concrete, how to
make climate conscious choices as an artist, rammed earth, hemp-crete, and
natural concrete

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